Mauritian tuna salad

Kristel of created this delicious tuna salad recipe for us! She writes:

Mauritian tuna salad : a very simple but delicious recipe !


Perfect idea for an amazing starter!


The Mauritian tuna salad is a classic in the house! My mum used to make it for me and put it into a sandwich for a nice school lunch. Fresh coriander and chilli make this simple salad really tasty ! Here, I decided to make it also nice to look at by using lime halves.


Moreover, I wanted to propose something simple but nice on the French channel 24 for the African edition and this was handy! You can easily carry them and it’s cold so no need to heat it! Luckily, everything went smoothly!


You’ll find the recipe below! Hope you’ll try it!



220g of tuna in olive oil (organic oil is better)

Some fresh coriander

Salt & pepper

Juice of one lime

3 small tomatoes

2 red chillies (or more)

1 full tablespoon of minced red onion

10 halved & emptied (squeeze them and keep the juice for seasoning and panacon)



1 – Pour the tuna in a bowl and use the olive oil of the can itself, the taste of the tuna can only be better if you use its olive oil.

2 – Mince the coriander & add it to the tuna.

3 – Sprinkle the onion & the minced coriander. Cut the red chillies in small pieces and add them to the mixture.

4 – Cut the tomatoes and take the pips out to avoid having too much juice and add them to the tuna.

5 – Pour the lemon juice, salt & pepper. Stir well and place the mixture in the lime halves. Enjoy!




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