Snacks & Sides

Not every recipe fits neatly into a category so if you’re just looking for something to accompany a meal or snack on, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Snacks & Sides include…

Cucumber-Tuna Rolls

Dairy-Free Peppered Mackerel Pâté

Easy Mackerel Pâté

Hokkaido with Tuna

Mackerel Dip

Mackerel Pâté Brunch Plate

Mackerel Pâté (uses mackerel with sunflower oil or natural)

Omega Rich Pesto

Pâté Boats

Red Pepper Boats with Avocado and Sardines

Salmon Puffs

Salsa Verde with Anchovies

Sardine Guacamole

Sardines on Toast

Sardine Pâté with Hokkaido

Small Tuna Muffins

Spicy Salmon Bhajis

Sustainable Tuna Spread

Tomato Tonnato with Sardines and Capers

Tuna Layered Jar

Tuna Mayo on Rice Cakes

Tuna-Protein Pizza Dough Balls

Wakame & Tuna Pâté on a Boat

Wakame Tuna Pâté with Fennel